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A Rite from the Stars hits Kickstarter

Back in June we had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely guys from Risin’ Goat about their upcoming 3D-adventure A Rite from the Stars. The game has now hit Kickstarter and Kim has become a backer.

Title overview

Name: A Rite from the Stars
Developer: Risin’ Goat
Publisher: Risin’ Goat
Release date: To be announced
PEGI rating: Not listed
Platforms: Linux, Mac, OUYA, PC, Wii U
More information: Steam Greenlight

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Kim says…

A Rite from the Stars is a 3D point-and-click adventure that takes place on the mystical island of Kaikala. Kirm, a kid from the Makoa Tribe, must over come a rite of passage to become a man leave his childhood behind; but he has been chosen by the Stars to become a legend among his peers so it won’t be that easy! In order to complete his rite he will have to master the three paths of Wisdom, Courage and Spirit, along with a final trial…

The Kickstarter page advises that this is a game which features pointing and clicking (obviously), along with performance-based achievements and different endings. Forget about pixel hunts, pointless walks and boring inventory management (also known as ‘use the stick with everything until it works’) because they’ve been shown the door. Each of the aforementioned paths is different; the environment, challenges and even the gameplay will differ and players may choose how to complete them.

In a press release we received, Game Designer and Scriptwriter Carlos L Hernando wrote: “We believe that this is a great moment for graphic adventures, a real silver age. And the Goat does not want to miss it! So here we are: bringing our own vision of a genre that has been there when we were growing. We are extremely excited with this project! We’ll release the game for OUYA, PC, Mac, Linux and also for Nintendo Wii U. The Goat thinks that Wii U is a great platform, with many possibilities thanks to its control system.”

The Risin’ Goat team has reached this point with its own resources, but they need additional funds to allow them to focus on game development only. The Kickstarter campaign offers them the opportunity to remain independent while reaching their users in order to include them in the development process. This is another goal for their project: to listen to the public and adapt the title when possible. As they say in the press release: “Risin’ Goat wants to create a game that meets the highest quality standards. A game to be proud of. Them and The Goat.”

A Rite from the Stars is due to be released around February 2015 and we’re proud to call ourselves backers. For more information on the game along with a demo check out the Kickstarter page, along with our interview with the Risin’ Goat team and the Steam Greenlight page.

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