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The countdown to EGX 2014

The time has come once again for the Eurogamer Expo 2014 – or EGX London as it’s now called. Phil tells us what the team is looking forward to this time around.

Phil says…

September 2014 brings us one of the biggest video game expos in Europe for its final visit to the Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre, if mayor Boris Johnson gets this way. Doom and gloom aside, we can expect a ton of gaming goodness including the return of our favourite indie and retro sections – more information on those below. We had a blast last time but the team has expanded quite a bit since then, so take a look at our roundup of Eurogamer 2013 to see what to expect this time around and more.

The team already have their press passes, are ready to attend the entire weekend of 25 to 28 September 2014 and would love to know if you’re going too; let us know in the comments section below! You’ll also find Kim and Phil volunteering for the amazing SpecialEffect this year where they’ll be helping out at their booth on the Saturday morning, so be sure to stop by and say hello.

EGX is all about the games and there’s definitely no shortage of them this year. Last September saw the beginning of the next-generation of games consoles and now we expect to find a lot of awesome titles on the way that make best use of the new hardware. Take a look at what will be on the show floor and let us know what interests you the most. There will definitely be plenty to see but don’t forget about the developer sessions, which give exclusive peeks at the upcoming titles and access to some of the best developers in the industry. The schedule is not yet complete so be sure to check back frequently for the new additions.

EGX, expo, video games, cosplay, Assassin's Creed

Cosplay is just as much of a part of EGX as the games are and the dedicated stage returns for more masquerades and prizes for the best costumes. We spotted some awesome outfits last year and even dedicated an article to it with plenty of photos; take a look to see what you can expect this year at the ebent. There was some impressive and very scary zombies!

One event that the team is looking forward to in particular is the classic gaming championships, taking part at the retro gaming stand where you can sign up to take part in competitions playing games such as Super Mario Kart, Super Puzzle Fighter 2 and Tetris. This is a series of heats taking place around the country for the Classic Gaming Championships 2014 event, with the grand final taking place at Play Expo in Manchester on 12 October 2014. Even if you’re unable to take part you can still play some retro games at the large Replay stand during the expo, and it’s a great place to take the kids and show them what we all grew up with.

However, if you’re into modern competitive gaming there will of course be Dota 2, FIFA 15 and League of Legends tournaments hosted by GFinity and streamed through their channel. Alongside that will be Street Fighter tournaments in the Fight Zone with casual tournaments running on the Thursday and Friday which are open to everyone with a next-generation console as the prize.

Be sure to let us know in the comments below if you’re attending, and maybe we can get together.

Well if that doesn’t convince you into buying a ticket then I don’t know what will. Again, be sure to let us know in the comments below if you’re attending and maybe we can get together, otherwise you’ll definitely find us in the Leftfield Collection section with the indie games. After the event, visit daily for our event round-up and some developer interviews. See you there!

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