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EGX 2014: day one

So here we are at this year’s EGX event celebrating all things gaming! We’ll be bringing you full details over the next week or so but here are some photographs of the first day to whet your appetite.

Phil says…

At the time of writing, we’re at the first day of the event (25 September 2014) having scoffed some sandwiches and resting our feet for a few minutes. We’ve had the opportunity to say hello to the guys from the National Film and Television School; catch up with Pete from White Paper Games and see the update for Ether One; and chat to Jaime from Team Junkfish about the latest news on Monstrum, which we previewed earlier this year. And we still need to say hi to SpecialEffect and track down the Flix Interactive team to find out what’s happening with Eden Star – so much to do!

What with all the ‘schmoozing’, we haven’t yet had much of a chance to play many games (although Kim has already kicked Phil’s butt on Street Fighter II… again), but we still have the afternoon ahead of us. After seeing a developer session for The Evil Within at EGX 2013, we’re eager to try out the title; and Phil has the pleasure of attending a talk by Mike Bithell a bit later on the Young Game Designers initiative by BAFTA. Below are our photographs from today – be sure to check back with us for news from the rest of the event, which the lovely Ben will be attending with us!

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EGX 2014 day one gallery

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