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EGX 2014: day two

We now bring you day two of this year’s EGX event. The crowds were much bigger on Friday as everyone begun their long weekend with a day of celebrating video games.

Phil says…

Day two of the event saw Ben joining us for his first ever visit to EGX, where he too managed to beat Phil at a fighting game – this time at the impressive Mortal Kombat X. We were thoroughly impressed by the speed and visuals of the next entry in the series where not only the x-ray moves return, but also the fatalities in an even more gruesome form. After that we moved onto The Evil Within which was just as impressive but we had to leave after what we felt was nowhere near enough of the time needed to finish the demo; we’ll definitely be picking this game up.

The team also took the opportunity to book out an room in the press area, our first time, to sit down and chat with our friends from Flix Interactive to catch-up on the progress of Eden Star. We had an exclusive first look at their Unreal Engine 4 build of the title which had us in awe – more information coming soon. Later on Ben and Phil snuck off to a nearby pub for a press-only gameplay session hosted by Square Enix on Life is Strange. Finally, we met even more awesome cosplayers who were more than happy to pose for our camera; see our gallery below for some extremely impressive outfits.

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EGX 2014 day two gallery

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