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EGX 2014: day three

Day three of this year’s EGX event in London was the last visit for the team but also the most busiest. We’ll now update you on what we got up to with some more photos.

Phil says…

It was an earlier start than usual for Kim and Phil, who had volunteered to help SpecialEffect at their stand on Saturday morning. After getting inside before the crowds appeared we were able to get our hands on any game we wanted to, but we were eager to make our way over to the stand to meet founder Dr Mick Donegan and get to grips with what we needed to do. We were extremely pleased to meet Dr Donegan who was more than happy to show us examples of people that the charity is currently helping; it was a pleasure to spend the morning with them and we’d definitely volunteer again. We also met follow volunteer Chloe who was happy to join us for the afternoon as we went around interviewing – leave us a comment if you’re reading this Chloe, as we’d love to hear more about your game development experience!

After lunch we met up with Ben to hunt down some developers willing to answer our questions and quizzed them on camera. It turns out that he’s awesome at hosting interviews so expect to see more of him on the way soon! We’ve thoroughly enjoyed EGX this year and it’s been an absolute pleasure to catchup with friends from other events and see what they’ve been up to. Head on down to see our latest gallery and be sure to stay tuned for more content in the coming days.

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EGX 2014 day three gallery

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