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Interview: Monstrum

Continuing on from our series of EGX 2014 interviews, we spoke with Jaime Cross of Team Junkfish once again about survival-horror Monstrum.

Title overview

Name: Monstrum
Developer: Team Junkfish
Publisher: Team Junkfish
Release date: January 2015
PEGI rating: Not listed
Platforms: Oculus Rift, PC
More information: Official website

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Phil says…

Earlier this year at the Rezzed 2014 indie gaming expo I got my hands on this ambitious title. Monstrum is an impressive first-person survival-horror set on a derelict ship from which the player must escape while evading a rather scary monster and avoiding traps. If that wasn’t enough already, developer Team Junkfish have also included perma-death and a procedurally-generated environment to create an extremely replayable and terrifying experience.

At EGX 2014 we found that the game has progressed nicely over the last few months with polished art and new areas. I highly recommend checking out their blog for more insight into its development and other fascinating information. After tracking down the Monstrum booth and saying hello to Jaime we took a moment to watch another visitor playing the title for the first time and waited impatiently for the monster to appear, which is typically heard before it is seen. As soon as the audio queues began he instantly paused the game and threw the headphones off – mission accomplished.

After watching this guy repeatedly take a few steps in-game before hearing heavy footsteps and pausing for a while, it was time to take a moment to chat with Jamie about Monstrum. Head on below for our video interview and then check out the Steam Greenlight page for more information and be on the look out for its release in the new year.

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