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Interview: LA Cops

LA Cops is the latest project from Modern Dream, the creators of Typing of the Dead: Overkill, and it’s one we’ll certainly be keeping an eye on.

Title overview

Name: LA Cops
Developer: Modern Dream
Publisher: Team 17 Digital
Release date: March 2015
PEGI rating: Not listed
Platforms: Mac, PC
More information: official website

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Phil says…

LA Cops takes the fast-paced action of other recent shooters and adds interesting strategic elements such as door-breaching, flanking and a set of six characters with different attributes and weapons. You can select two per mission and either independently control each in turn or move them in unison, and this allows you to tackle objectives in the way you see fit. Sometimes busting the door down and filling the room with lead is the best course of action, while others require a more thought-out planned approach. Fully destructible walls, windows and furniture add even more depth to the game along with a head-banging soundtrack for even more awesomeness.

The first thing I noticed about the title when playing it at EGX was the impressive 1970s art style, used both in-game and throughout 3D cutscenes, which is simple enough not to distract but still looks stunning. I found the gameplay to be fast and addictive – it wasn’t long before I was told to let someone else play because I was getting too engrossed! Check out our video interview with Artist and Designer Ollie Clarke of Modern Dream and be sure to visit the Steam store page for more information on LA Cops. While you’re there, why not grab a copy of the Early Access version?

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