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EGX 2014: conclusion

After the pleasure of attending this year’s EGX at the Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre in London last month, it’s now time to wrap up our coverage and give our opinions of the event overall.

Kim says…

There were a number of positives this time around, the biggest of which for us was probably the increase in the number of independent developers showing in both the Rezzed and Leftfield Collection areas. Almost half an entire floor was devoted to some wonderful indie games and it was great to see that the gaming world is taking note. We managed to get our hands on a number of titles we can’t wait to see more of, our favourites being LA Cops by Modern Dream; Beyond Eyes by Tiger & Squid; A Light in Chorus by Eliott Johnson and Mat Warshaw (check out our interview here); and Toryansé by Nick Preston. And let’s not forget the fantastic Eden Star by the lovely team at Flix Interactive.

On the flipside, the bottom floor of the event was dedicated to big-name releases and it was almost like a circus – or as Phil more adequately put it, comparable to a theme park where you queue up for ages, have five minutes of excitement and then have to start all over again. We were also disappointed at the lack of knowledge displayed by staff when asked about the games they were promoting, as most of them were unable to answer our questions. However, this doesn’t mean to say it wasn’t a great weekend as it was probably the best EGX we’ve attended so far!

We got together recently to chat about the event and the conversation was recorded for everyone to enjoy. You can also read Ben’s thoughts about the event, which were very insightful seeing as it was his first time at an expo.

There are a few people we’d like to say hello to: Ben, a member of EGX staff who seems to find us at every event; Chloe, who took part in voluntary work with us; and Mick, Hannah and Barry from SpecialEffect. We hope to see everyone again at next year’s event, but this time at the NEC in Birmingham.

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