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Scare-Up: Home

It’s that time of the year and we’ve already been busy playing some horrors. We joined Joel and Tim for a night playing scary video games in Bristol, UK starting with Benjamin Rivers’ unique title Home.

Title overview

Name: Home
Developer: Benjamin Rivers
Publisher: Benjamin Rivers
Release date: June 2012
PEGI rating: 7
Platforms: Mac, PC
More information: Official website

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Phil says…

Home is a horror game set in a pixelated world with a twist to the traditional murder-mystery story, where the player decides what happens based on their actions. You take on the role of a character who doesn’t know what’s occurred and everyone he comes across is dead. He’s searching for his wife and it quickly becomes clear that he may have killed her in a drunken rage with hints suggesting that she might have cheated on him. This isn’t a game about running away from monsters, but one of fear of finding out the truth.

We sat down to play and found some controller problems, so to fill in the pauses I was on standby with Tim’s keytar to play some soothing 1980s music while waiting for the game to catch up. If you’re wondering why you can hear the tune to Last Christmas, you can thank me for that! Continue on below for our Play-Up video.

Home is currently available on Steam for £1.99 which is a bargain for a cold Halloween night.

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