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1 Year, 9 Months Up… and Up

Winter is now definitely upon us and the days are turning both darker and colder. But who knows what the festive season will bring… for both our readers and the 1001-Up.com team.

Kim says…

We’ll start off as we normally do by saying a huge thank you to everyone out there who has ever heard of, looked at or followed our little site. We appreciate your support more than you realise: we’ve now managed to receive views from 165 countries across the world and 903 subscribers, and we love every single one of you. Take a look at our dedicated page to make sure we’ve mentioned you on there; if we haven’t, get in touch using the contacts on the Hook-Up page and we’ll put that right straight away.

The past month has been a busy one for the 1001-Up.com team: we completed our coverage of EGX 2014 and had the opportunity to interview a number of great indie developers; Kim, Phil and Joel from Quotes from the Tabletop attended Tim’s amazing meet-up group for GeekOut South-West in Bristol at the beginning of October; and we all got involved with spooky goings-on for Halloween, with Tim joining Kim, Phil and their friends in London for a night of scary fancy-dress. What can we say, we just don’t stand still or stop writing!

But at times a break can be necessary. It’s always a good idea to regularly take a step back, see what you’ve achieved, figure out where you’re going and decide whether you’re happy with that direction; this ensures you have something to look back on that you’re proud of, along with a goal to keep driving you forward. The old adage advises that a change can be as good as a holiday and that’s something we all need every once in a while.

We’re putting our energies into the next chapter, because there are plenty of opportunities we’re setting our sights on.

There are many things we want to achieve with this site – we’re a team with big ambitions! – but unfortunately we can’t focus on the next step for 1001-Up.com as well as maintain our current level of output and deal with that thing they call ‘life’. The best thing for us to do right now is to take a step back so we can focus on and put our energies into the next chapter, because there are plenty of opportunities we’re setting our sights on.

We’re currently in talks with a designer who has some amazing ideas for a rebrand, including a new look for the site along with a proper logo (something we’ve been trying to come up with ourselves for ages, unsuccessfully!). We’re also considering the possibility of moving away from WordPress.com and going to private hosting, as this will give us greater flexibility and enable us to implement enhancements we’ve been talking about for a while. This isn’t the end for 1001-Up.com – it’s only the beginning.

This is going to be quite a lot of work so we’ll be out of action for a while, and envisage returning in the new year with a new shiny site that both ourselves and our readers will be proud of. But please don’t be a stranger in the meantime! We’re always up for hearing your ideas and suggestions, discussing opinions on video games and the industry, or simply having a good old chat; so get in touch with us via the details on the Hook-Up page and keep the conversation going.

So in the words of Ne-Yo, that modern-day Shakespeare: “I would redo every time I had to leave in the middle of a session, I know when you don’t get to finish you’ll be stressing, but girl I got to keep my business tight – got to make sure regardless we alright.” Ok, so we probably would have put it in a less pervy and innuendo-laden way… oh who are we kidding, you get the idea!

Take care, stay safe and we’ll see you on the other side – from the 1001-Up.com team

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