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Hello and welcome to 1001Up!

Hello and welcome to the rebooted 1001Up! Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us while we’ve been away for the past few months.

Ben says…

There’s been a lot of hard work behind the scenes and some very difficult decisions to make but these were necessary in this, the next step in our evolution. For those of you who like the nitty-gritty you can read more about it here, and if this is your first visit (hopefully one of many!) to the site then a big hello too. You’ve jumped in at a new and exciting point for us.

If you’re a first-timer or a veteran you’ll be pleased to know that our aim is as it always was: to document our journey through 1001 video games and beyond, including previews, reviews and features. We’re dedicated to providing independent, interesting, fair and quality information to our readers – along with a healthy dose of nostalgia and a good dollop of humour.

So, what’s new? Well, you’ll notice we’ve streamlined some sections, expanded others and you can check out our ongoing mission to play 1001 games before we die. We’ve added a dedicated charity page to highlight some of the fantastic work the gaming community does, and Ben and Phil’s weekly stream ‘The Bromance’ has a home too so you can keep up with their adventures. All of this is wrapped up in the new design scheme from our good friend Pete.

Kim, Ben, Phil, 1001Up

In order to deliver this we’ve altered our operating model to a core team, each with defined roles but will continue to welcome contributions from our readers, bloggers and anyone else who wishes to send across an article. All the details you need to contribute can be found in our contributions policy.

But who are this core team? Well…

  • There’s Kim, our Editor and Guru. She manages to blend her organisational skills and problem-solving with a natural aptitude for screaming at horror games. Perfect combination. She’ll be casting her eagle-eye over everything before it’s published, including any contributions that come our way.
  • Phil, Media Specialist and Lord of the Pun, is tasked not only with making sure this site is as stable as Edward Kenway’s Jackdaw but with serving up a selection of articles for your delectation. He also has an ongoing Bromance
  • With Ben, our Community Manager and Holder of Many Opinions. He’ll be doing his best to set up as many exciting developer interviews, videos and scoops as he can.
  • 1001Up. 1001 video games and beyond.

    There you have it! Feel free to have a look around and explore, and you can sign up to be able to comment on the articles that tickle your fancy and to receive email alerts. There are still a few changes we’re in the process of making and as such possibly a few bugs; and we’re still reformatting previous content so some posts may be appear to the missing. But fear not, for these matters are a priority and we’re sure you’ll love the new site.

    We’ll be kicking off with our coverage of Rezzed 2015 tomorrow and we hope you like the way the place looks. Please explore to your heart’s content – we couldn’t do this without you!

    From Ben, Kim and Phil from 1001Up

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