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Interview: Green Man Gaming

Next in our coverage of Rezzed 2015 is our interview with Tracey McGarrigan of Green Man Gaming. She told us about the platform itself, along with games Idol Hands and Keebles.

Ben says…

On the surface, selling games through a digital portal should be a relatively simple process. You do deals with the publishers, you set up a snazzy website, you advertise and then distribute. I say ‘on the surface’ because there’s a giant Steam-cloud casting a shadow over any and all start-ups in that space. Holders of such massive market share don’t present a problem; to the right people they present a challenge.

It’s those right people at Green Man Gaming who embraced the challenge and delivered not only a great digital marketplace but also a clever mechanism to engage both players and publishers. Players are able to earn money towards their next purchase simply by playing games, registering with the sister site Playfire and adding their Steam, Xbox or PlayStation Network (PSN) usernames. This allows the company to collect statistics from what people are playing and use that information to recommend similar titles.

Publishers benefit as it means gamers are introduced to products that might not have been on their radar previously, which could lead to more sales, which leads to more money and – well, you know the rest. We caught up with Tracey McGarrigan, Head of PR & Communications at Green Man Gaming, at the Rezzed 2015 event to find out more.

As you can see from the interview, there’s also a dedicated offering to the indie market and it’s through Green Man Loaded that titles like Idol Hands and Keebles have an opportunity to reach an audience.

We had an opportunity to try out both at Rezzed and can safely say that Idol Hands by Pocket Games Inc seems to combine the best bits of games like Populous and Black and White with modern levels of accessibility and the flexibility for you to be a benevolent a dictator as you want to be. Terraforming is key and the effects the development team have come up with are really something. Simple, but effective.

Keebles by Burnt Fuse is a game that will be just at home on a tablet as it is on the PC. It marries up short bursts of gameplay with an easy-to-understand, difficult-to-master concept – the perfect combination. All you have to do is build a simple vehicle that can travel from A to B, overcoming obstacles and collecting cute critters en-route. Building the vehicle is easy but designing it with the parts supplied to complete the level is another matter. We had a chance to try it out and it was challenging enough to make you think but the design, chirpy music and colourful world kept it from becoming frustrating. Admittedly our playthrough was short so it will be interesting to see if extended sessions can hold the player’s attention.

Green Man Gaming have Idol Hands available now and Keebles for pre-purchase, due for release on 27 March 2015.

That said, it doesn’t feel like a game that’s designed for long play times; short doses, either on a tablet or between raids are going to be the moments where Keebles takes centre stage and there it’ll be right at home. Green Man Gaming have Idol Hands available now and Keebles for pre-purchase, due for release on 27 March 2015.

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