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Interview: Eden Star

We caught up with Kyle Jobson, Game Producer at Flix Interactive, at Rezzed 2015 to get an update on Eden Star and its progress since it was released on Steam Early Access in January.

Title overview

Name: Eden Star
Developer: Flix Interactive
Publisher: Flix Interactive
Release date: January 2015
PEGI rating: Not listed
Platforms: PC
More information: Official website

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Phil says…

Here at 1001Up, we’ve been following the progress of Eden Star for almost two years and have seen it grow from being an ambitious project into the awesome playable experience that is now available via Steam Early Access. I personally enjoy seeing the development of a video game first-hand, seeing each and every update as features develop and concepts become reality.

Last year saw the title move to the Unreal Engine 4 development platform and the benefits have been substantial for visuals and in speeding up development. The Flix Interactive team have also been working closely with Nvidia on developing the visual elements of the game including it running successfully on an Nvidia Shield.

Since releasing into the Early Access programme, Eden Star has received very positive feedback with the community effectively taking ownership of the game and its development progress, patiently testing and providing feedback to help improve it. Originally the title was released without a save system but instead of the usual backlash from gamers with unrealistic expectations, it was met with support and understanding followed by praise once the feature was patched in.

This experience has demonstrated how Steam Early Access can be a positive thing for gaming when used appropriately by developers and player alike. Game Producer Kyle Jobson explains more in our interview below.

Eden Star is a science-fiction survival game that provides players with a free-form construction system along with resource collecting and – more importantly – physics-based combat on a beautiful hostile alien world. At £14.99, it’s definitely worth investing in an Early Access experience that is already beginning to feel like a complete title; so why not take part in the development process as part of the growing community behind it.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting Kyle Jobson, CEO John Tearle and the rest of the team at Flix Interactive over the years and are really looking forward to seeing the final game. Check it out for yourself over at the official website.

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