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Interview: TinyPixxels

Another week, another set of interviews from Rezzed 2015! First up is TinyPixxels, a lovely streamer who you can catch on Twitch every week.

Ben says…

One of the great things about events like Rezzed is that the gaming community gets to come together for a few days and indulge themselves. Whether it’s developers, the press, players, YouTubers or streamers, there’s a real sense of unity throughout the halls. It’s because of this that opportunities to meet people spring up left, right and centre.

We were lucky enough to track down Pip, better known as TinyPixxels on Twitch, a friend of the site and accomplished streamer. What makes her stand out from the majority is her focus on how the mechanics of a game combine with the design and feel. This is all wrapped up in an effervescent and enthusiastic personality, making for an engaging stream.

Pip took the time out to tell us a bit about what she does, what she had enjoyed about Rezzed and when we can catch her online. As you can see from the video below, she’s making some exciting changes to her site over the coming weeks and you can catch her on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. You might even see one of the 1001Up team there too!

You can read all about Pip and what she’s up to on her website and follow her stream live on Twitch.

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