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Interview: A Light in Chorus

Back in October we had the opportunity to pose some questions to Eliott Johnson and Matthew Warshaw by email about the beautiful A Light in Chorus. We caught up with the guys at Rezzed 2015.

Title overview

Name: A Light in Chorus
Developer: Eliott Johnson and Matthew Warshaw
Publisher: Eliott Johnson and Matthew Warshaw
Release date: To be announced
PEGI rating: Not listed
Platforms: To be announced
More information: Official website

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Kim says…

If there was an award for prettiest game at EGX last year, the title would have definitely gone to A Light in Chorus. This stunning exploration game is based on a unique concept: it’s set in a world made entirely of light particles, where players move around the environment as a reconfigurable swarm of points. Adopting the shapes of things around them and illuminating hidden landscapes will reveal fragments of a much larger mystery.

Following on from our previous email interview with the guys, we were really keen to catch up with developers Eliott Johnson and Matthew Warshaw at Rezzed 2015. Artist and designer Eliott told us that the project started with the look: “We’ve been spending the last year and a half trying to focus on where the game is within that. We feel like we’re really there now.”

As was the case at the EGX event, every time we visited the BAFTA Inside Games area downstairs there was a crowd of attendees huddled around the stand for A Light in Chorus. With a game that looks this gorgeous, it’s understandable why many people flocked there to try out the title and we’re looking forward to seeing it progress.

Thank you once again to Eliott and Mat for giving us their time. We’ll bring you more news on A Light in Chorus as we receive it, but in the meantime make sure you sign up to the mailing list on the official website. Also take a look at screenshots of the title while you’re there – but trust us, they just don’t do this game’s particle beauty justice.

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