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Rezzed 2015 round-up

Phew – today sees the end of a month’s worth of coverage on this year’s Rezzed event. Take a look below for details on and photos of what we got up to (and a video of what we shouldn’t have).

Kim says…

Between 12 and 14 March 2015, the 1001Up team had the pleasure of attending another Rezzed expo. The event is usually held at the NEC in Birmingham but this year the organisers decided to transfer to the swish Tobacco Dock in east London, built in the 19th century as a secure bonded warehouse for the receipt of goods from the New World. Ben was able to come with us this time and it was clear to see how excited he was to be there – just take a look at the video below!

The thing we’ve always loved about Rezzed is the atmosphere. It’s kind of like EGX but different: it isn’t so noisy, there aren’t as many publishers trying to push their wares into your face, and there’s a real vibe of support for indies. Everyone is really friendly and open for a chat, developers and gamers alike, and it’s possible you’ll come away with some new friends if not contacts. Indeed, we met Tim from GeekOut South-West and Joel from Quotes from the Tabletop there in 2013; it’s hard not to bond over a game of Cards Against Humanity.

This event was no different in that aspect. We managed to catch up with Kyle Jobson and John Tearle from Flix Interactive whom we’ve known for a couple of years now, along with Jaime Cross and Stephanie Bazeley from Team Junkfish; it was great to see the progress being made on Eden Star and Monstrum respectively, two awesome Early Access games you should check out on Steam. It was an honour to get the chance to chat to the lovely Barry Meade from Fireproof Games about the gorgeous The Room Three, and the lively Tracey McGarrigan from Green Man Gaming! A big thank you to everyone who gave us their time – take a look at our dedicated section for our video interviews.

There’s another video we must mention… one that Ben would probably prefer we keep quiet but we’re going to publish anyway.

There’s another video we must mention… one that Ben would probably prefer we keep quiet but we’re going to publish anyway. With his charm, wit and stunning good looks, he makes the perfect host and therefore undertakes all of 1001Up’s interviews for us. Sometimes however things don’t go according to plan and that means we have to do a second take… but the bonus is that we end up with lots of outtakes! We’ve put together a little something for everyone below in honour of our Community Manager. He knows we love him and wouldn’t have him any other way.

You’ll also find a gallery from our time at this year’s Rezzed so you can see what we got up to. There was plenty to see and do, enough to fill the entire three days, and it would be hard for us to pinpoint the single thing we enjoyed most about the event. But if you want to push us, take a look at our individual ‘best of’ articles to find out more, and someone we must really send out a special mention to is Alex. Watch the video below to find out who he is, and if anyone reading this happens to know him please tell him to say hello!

So that’s it for another year; we hope you enjoyed all of our coverage. From here on we’ll be publishing articles on the awesome world of video games several times a week on our lovely new site, so be sure to check back with us on a regular basis. The next big event is EGX in September and this time around it’s being held at the NEC in Birmingham. Tickets are already on sale and you can purchase them from the official website – we hope to see you there!

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Rezzed 2015 photo gallery

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