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The secret of Dying Light

Ben reveals the secret of action-horror Dying Light, and what happens when you miss a jump whilst being surrounded by zombies at night.

Title overview

Name: Dying Light
Developer: Techland
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Release date: January 2015
PEGI rating: 18
Platforms: Linux, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
More information: Official website

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Ben says…

I shouldn’t be out after dark. The risks are great but if I get things right the rewards will be even greater. It’s why I’m moving so slowly, every step a slow exercise in caution, looking over my shoulder to make sure I can see the way back to my place of safety and most importantly to make sure that route is clear.

High ground is usually safe but not at night. Still I stick to it as much as possible; more through force of habit than anything else, although it also gives me a decent view of what’s below – especially when I’m able to summon the courage to flick on my torch for a second or two. In those brief moments the danger that surrounds me is made clear and I’m thankful I haven’t been spotted. Another quick burst from the flashlight and I can see my goal: an airdrop full of medicine that my companions need to survive.

It’s not far. Two jumps by my reckoning. The first is easy enough and the second shouldn’t be much harde-… shit.

’ve no choice but to shake off the fall quickly as my ears are already ringing with the roars of at least half a dozen creatures alerted by the sound.

Just as I land the rusty roof gives way and I tumble to the floor below. I’ve no choice but to shake off the fall quickly as my ears are already ringing with the roars of at least half a dozen creatures alerted by the sound. They’ll be on me in seconds if I don’t get moving and all of this will be for nothing.

I snatch the supplies and turn in a single movement, dashing back towards the safe house. No time to worry about noise or alerting others now. Just run – run! Heart pounding, chest heaving, I risk a glance over my shoulder. The sight is terrifying, a relentless zombie army chasing me down, pouring from side streets and jumping from the rooftops. Falling over each other but sprinting after their target, after me.

One jumps out in front of me and I react on instinct, thankful for the ability to vault over them and dropkick another before I hit the ground. Fifty yards to go now… forty… Another grabs my shoulder and I stumble, sliding to get away then back to my feet, scrabbling up a wall, on to a rooftop of my own… twenty… I jump, mistiming it but my hand still manages to cling on, valuable seconds lost. My voice is a torrent of curses as I will my legs to work… just ten yards now… one more jump and… safe!

It’s at that point the controller hits my lap and I sit back in the comfort of my living room as the game congratulates me for avoiding the pursuit. On the screen I can see the horde roaring at my avatar still, unable to breach the bright lights and solid walls of the safe house. My heart’s still pumping, I’m shaking with adrenaline, and my wife appears from another room saying, “That sounded like a close one.”

“It was epic,” I reply, deciding to save and turn the system off. I can’t take another one of those tonight.

That’s the secret to Dying Light which, despite its faults, has given me adrenaline rushes the like of which I haven’t had since the sound of a chainsaw in Resident Evil 4. I’m having a blast with it, even if only in small doses. If your heart can take it, I suggest giving it a look too.

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