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Not just for kids

Ben believes developers make video games they want to play and that fit into their way of life – which is something he’s very positive about.

Ben says…

I was speaking with a good friend of mine the other day about how I was enjoying the amount of video games out there that slotted neatly around my lifestyle. Destiny, my game of 2014, is a prime example of this. I can dip in and out, make some progress with my character and then log off. Hours and hours aren’t required to make progress and I feel like I achieve something whether it’s over the course of ten minutes or ten hours. I can name more: Diablo III, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Fantasy Life and Grand Theft Auto V also have that five-minute-or-five-hour progress balance.

Modern games are a different beast now to when I first started playing. These days character evolution is key and the RPG staples of experience points unlocking upgrades are found in everything from racing games to platformers. As a result, even small gameplay sessions reap rewards if the system is properly integrated.

But, as my friend pointed out, there’s another element to the equation that I’ve been overlooking. Namely that it’s my generation that are making, producing and designing the games; folks in their thirties who’ve grown up with the industry like I have, who have young families like I do and who have the same pushes and pulls outside of work that I do.

As a general rule I believe people make video games they want to play and currently these people are making, consciously or not, games that fit into that way of life. Which is absolutely fine by me.

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