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New releases for the rest of 2015

Christmas is going to be on us sooner than we think – and there will be the a flurry of new releases clogging up the October-to-December window after the always-quiet summer months.

Ben says…


The big guns are going to be firing so fear not, AAA junkies: your annual fix of Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty and a raft of EA Sports titles is just a few short months away. Better yet, the development teams have had a few more years to get their heads around the latest PC and console technology so you can expect the upcoming iterations to be brimming with new features and snazzier graphics. There are some returning favourites to look out for too, with Need for Speed and Star Wars: Battlefront blazing back into the mainstream again.

On a personal level, my AAA-appetite has Star Wars: Battlefront at the top of the list because it’s, well, Star Wars – gimme! But… I’ve been challenged to give the latest Call of Duty a whirl and, having not played an entry in the series since Modern Warfare in 2007, accepted this challenge. Expect to see our coverage increase as the release date nears.

It’s not just established series that have been sucking up all the big budget dollars, as 2K are entering the fray with Battleborn and the LEGO Group will be taking on Skylanders and Disney Infinity with their Dimensions product. Microsoft have a range of exclusives up their sleeve in the shape of Halo 5, Forza 6 and Rise of the Tomb Raider; throw in some tasty looking bundle prices and their Christmas sales figures should look very healthy indeed. Don’t forget that Valve will be getting in on the act too with their Steam Machines and controllers hitting the scene. It’s too close to call as to whether they’ll be a game changer or flash-in-the-pan but 2016 will be a very interesting time.

As for 1001Up’s weekly stream – The Bromance – on Thursdays? Brace yourselves for a boatload of Just Cause 3 mayhem.

The keen-eyed among you might have noticed one glaring omission from the above and that’s because the biggest has been saved for last. Fallout 4 is coming and it’s going to be massive! Bethesda’s ambition is huge and from what they’ve shown to the public so far the game has the potential to take up vast swathes of people’s free time from November. The gaming world is going to go bananas for this one when it’s released – you have been warned.

Don’t forget the little guys though as there will be a constant stream of top quality titles at very reasonable prices made by passionate, independent developers. In a year that’s already seen Her Story, Monstrum and Eden Star there’s Beyond Eyes, Volume, Mighty Tactical Shooter and the continuation of Knee Deep to look out for. And that’s just the start because once you scratch the surface of the indie world, there are games being released weekly that are innovative, creative and trying to push the medium in ways that have never been tried before.

So sit back, enjoy the summer sun and make sure you’re refreshed and ready for the gaming bonanza at the end of the year.

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4 thoughts on “New releases for the rest of 2015”

  1. My only concern when it comes to the AAA releases is quality. The past few months and releases have left me a bit suspicious of AAA games. They often lack polish.

    The Nintendo side of this big list also has a few titles, though most are coming in early 2016. But we have to mention Xenoblade Chronicles X and Mario Maker. The first, a follow-up to one of the best JRPGs ever made and Mario Maker…well, I plan to go nuts with my creations and having seen just what can be made with it during this year’s Nintendo World Championship, I have to say I’m really excited about it.

    What are your thoughts on Assassin’s Creed Syndicate? Will it reignite the AC passion you once had Ben, that slowly went away as we moved back to land from Sea.

    I’d love to see you Let’s Playing Call of Duty, should be loads of fun!

    I hope Fallout 4 will be the one to get me hooked up to the Fallout franchise. I’ve followed it but could never get into it, I played Fallout 3 but it just wasn’t for me!

    And I hadn’t see that trailer for Battleborn…this one promises to be special and I hope you guys co-op the crap out of it when it releases!

    With Battlefront coming, It makes me hope that someday we’ll see a Jedi Knight game again. It was by far my favourite Star Wars series.


    1. Oh, forgot to mention LEGO Marvel’s Avengers is coming out soon and if it’s anywhere as good as LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, then it promises something truly special!


      1. Not remotely excited for AC. Will wait until a reasonable price before trying, unless Ubisoft want to sling me a copy to try and convince me earlier!

        Nintendo stuff is deliberately missing. There’s something in the works there. You’ll notice No Man’s Sky doesn’t get a mention too…

        Marvel’s treatment of the FF and mutants is alienating me right now. I’ll let my son be judge of the next Lego game.

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        1. What happened with the FF & Mutants? I’m guessing I missed something…

          AC I agree. Unity destroyed what love and respect I had for the series and I’m not going to fall for the trap again…

          I do want to see you play the game, that way I can hear you shout “No one talks like that!” the moment the first NPC goes all “Guv’nor” on you (I still remember that rant from our lunch last year).

          Oh No Man’s Sky…I hope it lives up to the hype, man. And I hope even more I can get it on launch and find and name my own planet. I have a few ideas for planet names. If the planet in question has enough moons, I promise to name one after each of you 🙂

          I shall wait for what’s in the works then!


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