Be the Batman

Ben loses himself in the streets of Gotham in Rocksteady Studios’ latest: Batman: Arkham Knight. The marketing promises much… Can he really be the Batman?

Title overview


Name: Batman: Arkham Knight
Developer: Rocksteady Studios
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Release date: June 2015
PEGI rating: 18
Platforms: Linux, Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
More information: Official website


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Ben says…


I’m poised atop one of Gotham’s many gargoyles, silently watching my prey below. They know I’m coming; I’ve been systematically taking out their colleagues all night and they know it’s not a case of if, but when. I need to assess the situation and understand what I’m up against. First the environment: I can drop under the flooring through a wall-mounted ventilation shaft. It’ll be low, I’ll need to crouch but it won’t hamper my movement too much. Besides, there are three grates I can use to surface if needed.

A quick scan reveals weaknesses in two of the walls – I should be able to exploit that later. An exposed generator, mounted to a supporting column could prove useful in a pinch. It wouldn’t take much to overload it. There are plenty of points for my grapple to attach to, I can move around at height without being spotted. There are six guards below, each of them armed, but I already have a strategy to take them out.

I target the medic first, using my disruptor gun to short circuit his first-aid kit from a safe distance. It’s done without him knowing anything. I use the same weapon on the assault rifle of one guard in particular because I expect him to not only see me, but shoot at me too. Again, he doesn’t have a clue about the sabotage… yet. The final piece of the set-up requires me to drop from my vantage point, stick to the shadows and place some explosive gel on one of the weak walls. I deliberately select one close to a floor grate.

I watch while the pieces move themselves into position, patrolling their routes, doing their job, talking about how when they see me they’ll end me.

Back up to my vantage point then to wait. Wait and watch while the pieces move themselves into position, patrolling their routes, doing their job, talking about how when they see me they’ll end me. A few minutes later the guards are where I need them on their routes. It’s time for me to act.

I grapple over to the wall vent, using my momentum to swing straight in and slide down under the flooring. The distance to the grates is short and doesn’t take me long to cover it and I arrive just as guard number one does. In a flash I’m bursting from the ground, silently taking down the guard before he knows what’s hit him. Not a noise is made as I disappear back underground.

One down. Five to go.

Next is a new device from my utility belt, a gadget capable of hacking radio frequencies and mimicking voices. I use it to order guard number two to leave his post and investigate the [xxxx]-trapped wall. He obeys without question, walking towards the wall patting the gun I rigged earlier, in a sense of false security.

Batman: Arkham Knight, video game, Batman, night, street, thugs, fight

Once he’s in range of the wall I spring out of the grate again, the noise attracting his attention long enough for him to see me and his unconscious colleague. Keeping my face expressionless I simply point my arm up and fire a grapple to safety. His reaction is to call out and pull the trigger. His gun misfires, knocking him out in the process. As expected, guard two collapses in a heap near the weakened wall.

Two down. Three to go.

By the time I’m back on my perch, the medic has arrived first on the scene, and on seeing his fallen colleague immediately reaches for the resuscitation kit. Just as I planned, it backfires and sends him crumpling unconscious to the floor.

Three down. Two to go.

Two other guards appear soon after to investigate and while they’re puzzling as to just what has happened I detonate the wall trap.

Five down. One to go. And he’s scared.

The final guard is in a panic, heart rate through the roof. He’s looking for me, firing blind, laying mines, you name it. He’s so scared he doesn’t see me above him, scooping him up off the ground to leave him dangling by his ankles beneath my perch.

Rocksteady Studios was right. I am the Batman.

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4 thoughts on “Be the Batman”

  1. Surprised you even managed to get to the first guard without it crashing, Warner Bros/Rocksteady fucked up this game so much and they still haven’t fixed all the issues on PC.


      1. I have one as well but play majority of games on PC because better framerate and graphics, PS4 is my Rocket League machine atm 😛


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