Just like London buses

Twenty-two upcoming titles over the coming months is a big investment in terms of both time and money. Ben counts down the nine ‘Big Ones’.

Ben says…

Just like London buses, you wait for ages for some of the biggest (or should that be ‘best marketed’?) games of the year and then three come along at once. Well actually, nine come along in the space of six weeks but you get my point.

If you look a bit closer you’ll see that in fact twenty-two games games across all platforms have been given fixed release dates between 23 October and 04 December 2015 and, that number will no doubt change as the weeks edge ever closer.

The nine ‘Big Ones’ are as follows:

1 Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate 23 October 2015
2 Halo 5: Guardians 27 October 2015
3 Need for Speed 05 November 2015
4 Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 06 November 2015
5 Fallout 4 10 November 2015
6 Rise of the Tomb Raider 10 November 2015
7 Star Wars: Battlefront 19 November 2015
8 Just Cause 3 01 December 2015
9 Xenoblade Chronicles X 04 December 2015

On the surface it looks great – twenty-two games in six weeks, nine of which are big-budget mass-marketed monsters. Gamers are going to be spoiled for choice, especially if they’re fortunate enough to own all three major consoles and a powerful PC.

That is until you start factoring in two key variables, time and money.

Modern titles demand hours and hours of investment in order to progress. Whether story progression or character development there is a lot to get through. Let’s say you average twenty-five hours on each game; across nine titles that’s 225 hours or about one and a half weeks of solid, no-sleep-no-eat-no-breaks gaming. Throw in a cost of £400 to £500 to buy them all and you’re looking at quite a spending commitment just before Christmas (life’s annual money-drainer).

Which therefore begs the question: which of the ‘Big Ones’ are you going to pick up? One of them, some of them, all of them or none? Let us know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Just like London buses”

  1. I’ve had to talk myself out of buying NHL16; Rocket League has filled that online itch. I will be grabbing Tearaway Unfolded though. I loved the Vita game, so I’ve got high hopes there.

    Out of the list you’ve posted, I’m only interested in Fallout 4, and Tomb Raider but that’ll have to wait for PC release. I might get into Battlefront, I just need to see a little more in the way of what that game is.


    1. Rocket League is arguably the best multiplayer game of the year so far.

      I’m a Fallout 4 and Battlefront guy myself – suspect you’ll also be seeing a lot of Just Cause 3 on our Thursday night streams too!


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