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Early for EGX 2015

Yes: it’s that time of year when the big one rolls into town. No, not Santa Claus – EGX 2015 is upon us and it’s time to venture into the great cauldron of video games once again.

Ben says…

The internet bombards us every day with spoilers, Let’s Plays, reviews, previews, features and gameplay streams from across the world. Surely we’ve seen all there is to see on all the upcoming games? Surely we know all there is to know?

Well yes. And also… no.

There’s a certain something about being able to actually being able to play games yourself and to be the person in control of what’s happening on screen. The slow demise of couch co-op has left games a mainly solo pursuit – multiplayer doesn’t require large groups in the same place any longer – which leaves the prospect of an army of like-minded individuals in the same location, at the same time, all with a shared interest a tantalising prospect.

That’s the beauty of an event like EGX. It offers something for every type of gamer no matter how they choose to categorise themselves, and big-budget AAA blockbusters share space with indies trying to push the boundaries of the medium.

It can be an intense sensory overload at times but when you’re surrounded by folks from all corners of the industry, the press and the public it’s quite some experience. A bit like all of your gaming Christmasses all rolled into one.

If you’re there, then flag us down and say hello! You can check out our coverage of the last EGX here and why not follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay up-to-date on what the 1001Up team are getting up to at this year’s event, starting tomorrow at the NEC in Birmingham.

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