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Today’s the day: EGX 2015

Today is the day when it all begins. Four days of gaming madness from bombastic AAA presentations to little Indie gems quietly generating buzz about their upcoming game. This is EGX 2015.

Ben says…

By the time you’re reading this I’ll already be en-route to the NEC in Birmingham, looking for folks I know and those I don’t. Microphone, notebook and camera prepped and ready to ask developers, celebrities and anyone I can find about life, what they’re up to and the experience they’re having.

We might not like to admit it, but we are spoiled for choice when it comes to gaming. There are releases every week across multiple platforms and formats. They can be downloaded instantly without leaving the comfort of your sofa or while you ride the bus to work. Gaming is everywhere which can make the diamonds just that little harder to find.

Last year’s EGX was no exception. I came away raving about Life is Strange and Beyond Eyes, both of which have since gone on to receive wide acclaim. Had I not accepted an invite from Square Enix to a quiet showing in a pub then I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to preview the former and my fanboying over the latter is a result of a chance conversation with the developer, her hat and magic paint books.

EGX, expo, video games, NFTS, Ben, interview, Hingsight

I’m hoping for more of the same this year. If I can uncover one or two diamonds in the rough then the event will be a huge success for me. There’s only so much a screenshot or video can convey but to actually get to play early builds and chat things through with the developers gives a depth of insight you can’t get elsewhere.

That’s not to say it’s all about the little guys, far from it. The big developers and publishers are always there in force with Sony and Microsoft championing their consoles and Ubisoft offering playable time with all sorts of upcoming games. You can bet the biggest queue will be for Call of Duty once again.

That’s before we get on to the cosplayers, career advice, developer sessions and charity presence… There are too many things that I want to see for me to list here but you can bet that when the four days are over I’ll be exhausted, overloaded and very, very happy.

If you see me or any of the 1001Up team wandering around the NEC over the coming days, please give us a shout and a wave – we’d love to talk to you. We’ll be posting loads of photos from the event on Twitter and Instagram so why not follow us and see what we’re up to.

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3 thoughts on “Today’s the day: EGX 2015”

  1. I was at EGX on Friday, it was awesome to play so many games before they come out. I was one of the guys who won the Splatoon tournament over at Nintendo’s area and bagged myself a couple amiibos as a prize. Plus the guys I was with tried Rock Band 4 on stage and crashed the Xbox One it was running on. Good times.


    1. That Nintendo announcer had so much energy! Clearly the Xbox couldn’t contain the Rock you had unleashed. Glad you had a great day there.

      Keep an eye out on Tuesday and Weds of this week for some video of what we got up to.


      1. Yeah, those guys kept the crowd going for a whole day, they were really enthusiastic. I’ll keep an eye out for videos for sure! As far as I’m aware, the video of our Splatoon tournament will go up at some point, possibly on Nintendo Life’s YouTube, so I’ll get to see how awkward I look on stage :p


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