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EGX 2015: punters’ eye view

At previous EGX events we’ve focussed on bringing you developer interviews. But this time we wanted to try something different – involving Ben, an iPhone and whatever words came out of his mouth.

Ben says…

EGX is great, right? Loads of games, loads of people and loads of things to do – it’s an amazing experience that we recommend every gamer enjoy, and we love being able to bring you coverage of each event. Following a quick brain-storm at 1001Up Towers we came up with the idea of covering the expo from the view of a regular visitor so that we could give you a feel for what it’s like to be on the show floor. Of course, the challenge then becomes how best to capture the atmosphere without the sheen that a fancy microphone and camera set up inevitably brings.

Thus the idea of using an iPhone was born. Truth be told, we had no idea if it would work… you can find out the answer in the video below.

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