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EGX 2015: a round-up

We survived the expo. We brought you two weeks of content. And now we’ve managed to get some of our fellow writers to share their experiences! Here’s our EGX 2015 round-up.

Kim says…

We had so much fun at the EGX event this year, held between 24 and 27 September 2015 at the huge NEC in Birmingham. Not only did Ben and I get to play some amazing video games and chat to some talented developers, we also got the opportunity to meet fellow writers. The lads from Geek Sleep Rinse Repeat are as lovely in real-life as they are online; James from will be meeting up with us for a coffee in the near future; and Ellie from A Girl And Her Games has been roped into writing a Halloween contribution. We also bumped into some old friends, including Kevin from The Mental Attic and the ever-energetic Pip from TinyPixxels. In fact the only person missing was our very own Phil, who had day-job commitments to keep – and it just wasn’t the same without him!

The awesome people above appear in our ‘Ben’s mission’ video answering one simple question: what was their game of the expo? It was inspiring to see most of them name indie titles rather than big-budget releases. If you weren’t able to make it to EGX but want to get a feel for what the event was like (and also find out what happens when you leave Ben alone at an expo with an iPhone), then take a look at our ‘punters’ eye view’ video or photo gallery. Finally, find out what we chose as our ‘best of EGX 2015’ – and check out our round-up video below.

The next Rezzed event will be taking place between 07 and 09 April 2016 in Tobacco Dock, London and tickets are due to go on sale on 16 October 2015. You can guarantee we’ll be there! While you’re waiting, why not read on to find out about our friends’ experiences of EGX 2015 – definitely the best expo yet.

Will from Geek Sleep Rinse Repeat:

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“I had a really good show, although the queuing seemed worse this year. I liked that there were a lot more indie games on show too. Being there with our first press pass was also a nice little bonus.

“My favourite game was either Tom Clancy’s The Division or Halo 5: Guardians. I just can’t decide.

“I love having Geek Sleep Rinse Repeat, it’s a great place to express how you feel about games and talk about things that you’re passionate about. It’s also great chatting with like-minded people. If I could do it full time I would do it in a heartbeat.”

Murr from Geek Sleep Rinse Repeat:

EGX, event, expo, video games, Gang Beasts

EGX this year was excellent fun. To get the press pass privileges was an awesome feeling. But I can’t help but feel the exhibitors may have underestimated just how popular their games were going to be. Some of the largest titles there didn’t really have a large enough area or enough setups to accommodate the crowd – Need for Speed and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst in particular.

“The favourite game for me… I’m gonna throw it out there and say Gang Beasts. So much fun.

“It’s great writing up on Geek Sleep Rinse Repeat how I feel about games, wrestling, films. There are occasionally times after I’ve hit the submit button for an article I’ll have a slight worry how people are going to react to my post. When I see positive comments coming in or likes it’s a great feeling. Of course I’ve had harsh criticism too on one particular post. But it’s all eventually going to help. Fortunately the community are pretty great and often tend to give pointers rather than harsh words. As Will said, if I could get into this full time I’d take it up in a heartbeat.”

Kevin from The Mental Attic:

EGX, event, expo, video games, Kevin, The Mental Attic

“This was my first EGX. At first I was overwhelmed by how big it was, my only other expo experience being Rezzed, but I soon found myself just having fun and enjoying the sights and games. I enjoyed the energy the different publishers brought to the event. The indie area was my favourite, because of the passion those developers brought with them. It was exciting to talk to them, their love for what they do was infectious, especially the NFTS Games students. They were so into their games and so open to feedback and just to talk about their projects.

“The Living Dungeon comes really close to the being my top pick, because of how much potential it has and how close it feels to playing Dungeon & Dragons with friends. But my favourite remains the same as I told Ben on my first day: Xenoblade Chronicles X. I am a giant fan of the first one and I’ve been looking forward to this one for so long. It met all my ridiculous expectations and I could’ve stayed there playing it for ages.

“One thing that makes this community so special to me is how willing we are to share. Be it tips, tricks or one particular title or developer we think people should write about, we don’t have an issue with telling each other about it. For example, I took the press recommendations from Rezzed to heart and made sure to always stay hydrated and kept a ton of mints on me… that I managed to then lose on the last day because I’m a klutz.”

Jamie from Caiminds:

EGX, event, expo, video games, Crystal Rift

“I was disappointed at this year’s line up of triple-A games. There wasn’t much in terms of original games. The majority were sequels. The games were great as you would expect from a sequel and I am happy they were on show, but I was hopping for more original titles from the developers or at the very least a behind-closed-doors screening of trailers, screenshots and character models. I was extremely interested at this year’s indie games. They had a lot more variety of games and I think it’s fantastic that the companies behind getting them at the show did what they did.

“My favourite game at the expo? It’s actually a cross between two, the first being Crystal Rift from Psytech Games. It was my first virtual reality (VR) game and it was a great experience. Even with it’s lack of movement it is still really fun and brings the classic dungeon-crawlers from the ZX Spectrum days into 2015. The other was again an indie game called Mayan Death Robots from Sileni Studios. It’s extremely fun, it’s easy to learn yet difficult to master. I will admit I got beat royally but there was never a dull moment.

“I absolute love being part of the community. I originally started out as a vlogger, then to a movie and game reviewer and now I have the opportunity to go to these kind of events and interview the people behind those games. I have some very dedicated viewers which I still can’t get over. The love for my content they give me, gives me a buzz that I can’t beat. I have a feature length movie in pre-production and without the people supporting my personal YouTube channel or Caiminds I would have given up years ago.”

Ben from 1001Up:

EGX, event, expo, video games, Ben, coffee

“I thought EGX was an expo of two halves. I didn’t enjoy the long queues and money-throwing contests for the big-budget stuff but loved getting amongst the passionate indie and smaller developers, being a part of the busy crowds around their stands.

Eternal Step was definitely my pick of the show, and I hope it gets the attention it truly deserves.

“There are so many amateur content producers who have a real talent for blogging, streaming or YouTube-ing. I feel it’s a real privilege to be able to have met them and even consider some of them as friends. I wish them every success in their endeavours.”

Kim from 1001Up:

EGX, event, expo, video games, Knee Deep, Kim

“I’ve been attending EGX events since 2012 and this one was the best yet by far. The new venue suited the expo and the space dedicated to indie developers and their games was the biggest it’s ever been; the area was constantly full with gamers and had such a great atmosphere. It was also good to see the number of females in attendance at an all-time high – previously I would have been in the minority, whereas this year I felt right at home!

“There were a few titles that caught my eye but my favourite was definitely card game ShadowHand by Grey Alien Games. Any title which can convert me to a new genre and leave me wanting more is definitely worthy of a mention in my book; and owner Jake and designer Helen were so lovely to chat to. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on the game when it’s released next year.

“It was great finally getting the chance to meet fellow writers in person – we’ve been chatting to the guys from Geek Sleep Rinse Repeat for ages but this is the first time we’ve actually meet them! We also found Jamie from Caiminds when Ben ambushed him whilst recording in the press room (sorry Jamie!). Everyone in the community is so friendly and we’re all willing to help and support each other; I’d highly recommend that anyone thinking of joining in does so – you won’t regret it.”

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