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Spook-Up: Halloween 2015

It’s Halloween week: that time of year when all manner of ghouls, ghosts and foul-things come out to play. Kim reveals what we’ve got coming up over the next spine-chilling week.

Kim says…

Here’s a little history lesson for you: according to the American Folklore Center, Halloween had its beginnings in an ancient pre-Christian Celtic festival of the dead called ‘Samhain’ (pronounced ‘Sah-ween’). The Celts believed that at this time of year, the ghosts of the dead were able to mingle with the living and all manner of beings such as fairies and ghosts.

Forget mingling with the living as a whole – I’m sure they’d much rather socialise with us gamers. After all, what better week is there to play horror video games. We’re all going to be scaring ourselves silly while eating all the sweets actually intended for the trick-or-treaters knocking at our door; it’s a time for having the curtains closed and the lights down while you hide behind the sofa.

If you’re thinking of clutching onto a controller in the shadow of a candlelit pumpkin then dear reader, heed our words of caution and take note of our upcoming articles… if you dare…

Spook-Up: Halloween 2015
26 October A round-up of everything that went bump-in-the-night at the London Comic Con event by Kim
27 October A horrifying review of Until Dawn, by Tyler from The Young Beards
28 October A terrifying run-down of the the easiest cosplays for Halloween by Tim from GeekOut South-West
29 October Another hair-raising review, this time of STASIS by Kim
A ghoulish edition of The Bromance, with Dying Light
30 October An eerie explanation of why Ben considers horror games to be like Marmite
A spooky edition of Special K, with Monstrum
31 October Recommendations for the most blood-curdling releases, by 1001Up and friends
A final frightening stream from 1001Up and friends

As the night draws in and the chilling fingers of fear start to tenderly stroke your neck, we’ll leave you with the following quote by author Ray Bradbury:

“For these beings, fall is ever the normal season, the only weather, there be no choice beyond. Where do they come from? The dust. Where do they go? The grave. Does blood stir their veins? No: the night wind. What ticks in their head? The worm. What speaks from their mouth? The toad. What sees from their eye? The snake. What hears with their ear? The abyss between the stars. They sift the human storm for souls, eat flesh of reason, fill tombs with sinners. They frenzy forth…”

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