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MCM Comic Con 2015: a round-up

After surviving EGX 2015 last month, Kim took on the next event a couple of days ago: MCM Comic Con in London. Here’s our round-up of the show along with a photo gallery.

Kim says…

MCM Comic Con events are the UK and Ireland’s most exciting pop culture shows, and the only UK-based shows that bring together such a broad scope of popular culture categories including gaming, movies, anime, comics and more. I went to my first at the ExCeL centre in London back in May this year and absolutely loved it: the happy atmosphere, the huge number of friendly people, the amazing costumes and the sheer mayhem of the place!

I took Ethan, my eight-year-old stepson, and his dad Pete along with me and they had just as great a time. In fact, Ethan enjoyed himself so much that he wanted to go back again and this time in costume – so as soon as tickets became available for the next event I snapped them up. After going through numerous ideas as to what he wanted to be including Batman, Joker and Wolverine, he finally decided (much to our relief) that he wanted to go as a Braniac so he could ‘blow stuff up in big explosions’. Take a look at the picture of his costume in the gallery below.

The latest MCM Comic Con took place once again at the ExCeL centre and the atmosphere was just as buzzing this time around. Tickets were sold out and there were some absolutely awesome cosplays on show – special mentions go to guy in the steampunk costume with amazing wings (who was very happy to pose for photographs with Ethan), the balloon Slender Man, and the group dressed up as Ghostbusters whilst playing the theme tune. Below you can find our photo gallery from the event along with a little round-up video, and if you see yourself in either let us know in the comments below!

A note: apologies for the number of times Ethan appears in the gallery below – the boy can never resist being in front of a camera. And a big thank you to all of the cosplayers who were so happy to pose for photographs with him. You really made our day!

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MCM Comic Con 2015 photo gallery

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