BRICK 2015: a round-up

After surviving MCM Comic Con with her stepson in October, Kim took on her next event last weekend: BRICK 2015. Here’s our round-up of the show along with a photo gallery.

Kim says…

Since it was first manufactured in Denmark in 1949, LEGO has become a firm playtime favourite – not to mention an arch nemesis of many a bare foot. Last year’s BRICK expo at the ExCeL centre in London was the biggest show the UK had seen, running for four days and attracting over 48,000 fans of all ages. As well as showcasing some of the world’s best builders, attendees were able to join in with the record attempt for the largest video game diorama as well as try out some of the entries in TT Games’ franchises.

I’ve written a number of articles about my eight-year-old stepson Ethan and his love of all things LEGO. His dad Pete and I tried to get tickets for last year’s BRICK show as a surprise but they sold out too quickly to be able to get our hands on any; but this time we were ready, and snapped them up as soon as they went on sale.

As soon as we got through the door we made a dive for the nearest LEGO pit and were surrounded by thousands of red bricks; these areas went down pretty well with all of the attendees and at the end of the day, tables were full of their creations. It wasn’t just left to us amateurs though: ‘professional’ fans had arrived with their displays, all of which had obviously taken a lot of time and effort. Particularly impressive were the woolly mammoth near the entrance, a large mountain scene and a steampunk display that made use of a lava lamp. There was also a ‘festival’ complete with a stage, DJs, strobe lights and drunken Minifigures.

Below you can find our photo gallery from the event along with a little round-up video. If you see yourself in either, let us know in the comments below!

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BRICK 2015 photo gallery

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