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Not enough hours in the day

With so many quality releases published to gamers in 2015, how do we find the time to play them all? Ben ponders over this question.

Ben says…

The past twelve months have been a bountiful harvest for the gaming community. Game after game of absolute quality was released and, a few minor Tony-Hawk-shaped blips aside, washed away the lingering bad taste from 2014’s unfinished and broken haul. PC gamers will point to the Batman: Arkham Knight debacle but in all honesty, it’s the exception rather than the rule. Next year has the potential for more of the same with a mix of sequels and new ideas promising to push the boundaries of where gaming can go.

But how to find the time to fit it all in? Modern titles, even the small ones, take hours and hours to finish. You need to go and earn money to pay for them so that’s five days a week when game-time is limited, not to mention external commitments eating into weekends and days off. Throw in some ever-increasing prices and it means that gamers have to adapt to a new reality of being selective about their gaming or simply waiting to play the new releases.

It’s a tough balance when everything is of such high quality. Everyone wants the best gaming experience possible which is now spread across so many different titles that sacrifices will have to be made. That’s not accounting for the regular, annual releases that sell by the bucketload. So where do you focus your energies?

I want to immerse myself in the game world. I want to admire the design and skill that went into the crafting of my experience. I want to have fun.

I try to be working through three games at any one point. An involved role-playing or strategic adventure, an action-heavy title and a random one – usually an indie but sometimes a sport or racing sim. Which one I’ll play depends on my mood but it makes for slow progress. To me gaming isn’t about racking up trophies, achievements or speedy completions: I want to immerse myself in the game world, I want to admire the design and skill that went into the crafting of my experience. Most of all, I want to have fun.

So how about you? Do you think you’ll be able to squeeze in all the new releases or do you approach them one by one?

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6 thoughts on “Not enough hours in the day”

  1. I still have the Witcher 3 to complete and Fallout 4. I’ve only just finished Halo 5.. I’m terrible for completing games. I think it would be best if I just quit my job and just played games.

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  2. I am so behind on gaming that I am working on entire SERIES at a once. Right now, I am working on Assassin’s Creed AND Uncharted, starting with the first ones. It’ll be a LONG time until I catch up – if I ever catch up.

    Real life just keeps stopping me.

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  3. As you say Ben, an immersive game defines the good from the great. But that can mean spending more than an hour here and there to get into the story, into character.
    Real life is difficult to game around. These days my seven year old is gaming more than I do! But if you find your perfect game, you don’t need to have dozens to work through. That one can be all you need to escape reality every now and then.


  4. Im mainly playing MMOs so no ending there which is good since i realise you can never put too many hours in or not enough…

    I did recently start The Walking Dead though and i havent picked it up after the first chapter because of lack of time so i know the feeling though 😉


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