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Gamely Giving’s Online Party

Now that the festivities of Christmas are over, it’s time to prepare ourselves for the next big event. No, not New Year’s Eve – Gamely Giving’s Online Party on 30 December 2015!

Kim says…

Here at 1001Up, we’re taking part in GameBlast 2016 next February in order to raise funds and awareness for the amazing charity SpecialEffect. Not only are we aiming to complete a full-on forty-eight hours gaming marathon instead of the usual twenty-four hour period, we’d like to do so with as big a group as possible – and that’s why we’ve formed team Gamely Giving with friends and other writers. We’ve written about the event on several previous occasions and there’s still time to join the team if you’d like to do so!

With a few months to go before the marathon and having a few more days before the festive period is over, what better way to celebrate and promote GameBlast 2016 than by having a party. An online party that is – broadcast live on Twitch. You are cordially invited to join us tomorrow evening from 19:00 GMT for fun, frolics and video games:

Gamely Giving’s Online Party
Date: Wednesday, 30 December 2015
Location Gamely Giving’s Twitch channel
Dress code: Christmas jumpers
Food and drink: Bring your own
Further details: Follow Gamely Giving on Twitter for updates

19:00 Phil from 1001Up will be kicking us off with some party tunes on Rocksmith
20:00 We’ll be trying to blow each other up with Worms Reloaded
21:00 The tone will be lowered with Cards Against Humanity (via Pretend You’re Xyzzy)
22:00 We’ll be trying to not blow each other up with Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
23:00 We’ll round off the evening with some drunken Quiplash

Everyone is welcome to join in with the above: game names and passwords will be tweeted from Gamely Giving’s Twitter account so why not give us a follow? No need to RSVP – just get in the food and drink, wear your best Christmas jumper and join us on Twitch tomorrow night.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there! ✨

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