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1001Up Awards 2015

As this year draws to a close, it’s time to look back over the reviews we’ve published in the last twelve months. Please give a round of applause for the winners of the 1001Up Awards 2015.

Kim says…

1001Up began in 2013 after coming across a book that listed the top 1,001 video games released between 1970 and 2010. After flicking through 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die (referred to throughout the site as 1001 Video Games), we wondered whether our own list would contain the same titles and so we decided to find out: which releases should be included within a list of the greatest 1,001 games in the world?

Over the past year we’ve published 24 reviews – that’s around one a fortnight, which isn’t bad considering we all have day jobs! As explained in our guide, we look at six different aspects when reviewing a title to try and give as comprehensive a picture as possible: plot, gameplay, graphics, sound, replayability and innovation. Each of these factors is scored out of ten so an overall score out of sixty can be applied, which enables us to then give one of five final grades to a game and figure out which should be included within our list.

But which releases have come top in each of those categories? And which game has scored the highest overall so far? Join us as we reveal the winners of the 1001Up Awards 2015.

Category Plot
Nominees Gone Home
Grim Fandango Remastered
Winner Grim Fandango Remastered

From our review: “It’s hard to explain how a character, particularly one contained within the bones of a downtrodden skeleton, can hold so much charm and so many different layers. The storyline here is one of the best-written for an adventure despite its plot holes and if you’re a fan of longer games, ones that take between ten and twelve hours to complete, then this one is for you.”

Category Gameplay
Nominees Castle Crashers
DmC: Devil May Cry
Theme Hospital
Winner DmC: Devil May Cry

From our review: “In essence, Ninja Theory have created a game engine good enough to be ranked alongside any of the best out there. It’s easy to pick up, difficult to master, packed with buckets of depth and – most importantly of all – makes the player feel like a complete badass.”

Category Visuals
Nominees Mortal Kombat X
The Room
Until Dawn
Winner The Room

From our review: “Some of the big-budget console releases try to create a mood, spending millions on building plausible, living worlds in order to make players believe they’re part of something unique and special. The Room manages to achieve this with only mysterious boxes, strange devices and cryptic notes – and at a fraction of the cost. The amount of atmosphere contained within this little three hour game is astonishing.”

Category Audio
Nominees Tomb Raider: Legend
Tomb Raider: Underworld
Until Dawn
Winner Until Dawn

From our review: “The setting may be clichéd bur Supermassive really nailed the tone and inspiration from the classic teen-slasher movies. From the subtle sound of the floor creaking to creepy whispers flanking in every direction, along with the build-up in suspenseful music which is interrupted by a well-timed jump-scare; these factors and a gritty, pumping atmosphere will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.”

Category Replay
Nominees Monstrum
Mortal Kombat X
Until Dawn
Winner Until Dawn

From our review: “With a concept that resolves around choices and outcomes there is much replayability value here. The butterfly effect mechanic gives you the opportunity to go back and make different decisions to get different results. Players have the chance to help everyone live or let them all die; and the lack of an auto-save feature means you’ll have to make your choices really matter.”

Category Innovation
Nominees Gone Home
Her Story
The Room
Winner Her Story

From our review: “Not only does it make use of a gameplay style we’ve never seen before, it does so in a way which makes every person’s playthrough unique. There’s no defined pathway through the narrative and the story is told differently depending on which keywords are entered: one player may find a clip in their first minute that another won’t see until their last hour. You’ll see something in a video which will leave you desperately searching for one viewed way back, and each revelation will make you question everything that has come before it along with your opinion of the woman being questioned. Barlow’s creation is like putting together a visual jigsaw puzzle in which one woman’s soul is laid bare.”

Category Overall Winner
Nominees Castle Crashers
Mortal Kombat X
Until Dawn
Winner Until Dawn

From our review: “Until Dawn does a remarkable job at delivering the tone, atmosphere and characters of a classic teen-slasher horror. It’s an uninterrupted story that’s all based on the player’s decisions, and the quick-thinking needed to get through it will have you wiping your forehead in a ‘close call’ way – or leave you hanging your head in disappointment, knowing your favourite character won’t continue on… Whilst its gameplay relies heavily on the use of QTEs and may be a turn-off for some, it’s a great game for anyone who loves a good, mysterious story and is a refreshing change from more recent horror titles that seem to rely on over-the-top action and violence.”

Congratulations to all of our winners! The 1001Up Awards will be back again at the end of 2016 with a round-up of all of the reviews completed so far on our journey towards our very own 1001 list.

If you feel like celebrating, why not join us for Gamely Giving’s Online Party at 19:00 GMT this evening on Twitch?

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3 thoughts on “1001Up Awards 2015”

  1. I was surprised how much I enjoyed Until Dawn. I don’t usually like games that play like it, but the atmosphere, story and tenseness really made up for that. Pretty cool to see a game go for that teen slasher storyline too. Fun game.


  2. Even MORE reason I want to play Until Dawn! I have been wanting to play that for such a long while. And this only just makes me want to MORE. Ugh! I keep looking for the price on it to go down… hasn’t quite happened yet. C’MON! *laughs*


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