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Thank you

2016 is finally here! But before we move forward with the start of a new year, Ben would like to say several thank-yous to everyone out there…

Ben says…

2015 has flown by, so much so that I’m pretty sure that it was still 2014 last time I checked. It’s been a good year for us here at 1001Up and one that’s certainly ended on a high. You might remember that we were pretty quiet for the first few months of the year as we redesigned the site and consolidated ourselves into a leaner, more efficient structure. (That’s is the only bit of corporate jargon I’ll throw in today otherwise I’ll get too carried away and end up declaring myself Lord Sugar’s next business partner!).

After that quiet start we relaunched with a bang, covering Rezzed 2015 at Tobacco Dock in London. We met some amazing people for the first time, got to put faces to names of others and most importantly got our grubby little mitts on some fantastic games. Kim fell in love with Knee Deep, Phil lost himself in Her Story and I was smitten with Mighty Tactical Shooter. Phil was clearly on to a winner as Her Story has gone on to scoop huge acclaim and a few awards to boot; maybe we should start calling him Psychic Octopus? Either that or he can use it as his Metal Gear name.

Into the summer we went, and you may have noticed our flirtations with video content blossomed into a full-blown romance. Opinion pieces, reviews, previews all started appearing on the site as did regular streams. The Bromance developed into a Thursday-night-extravaganza with regular guests and full on multiplayer chaos. Kim slimmed things down with her Special K playthroughs that are relaxed and easy to watch and as for Psychic Octopus? You never know quite what you’re going to get but when he runs his Phil Me In stream you know you’re in for a good time.

Our approach to EGX 2015 in September was a little bit different this year when rather than take all of the snazzy camera gear, I was let loose with nothing more than my face and an iPhone – a dangerous (but fun) combination. It again unearthed gems as we were given our first taste of the big blockbusters like Star Wars Battlefront but also the diamonds in the rough such as Shadowhand and Eternal Step.

It was all rounded off by winning the bronze in Rocky Bytes’ video game blog of the year category for their Bytes That Rock! Awards – absolute result! The fact that we were nominated by and voted for by our peers makes it even more special. It’s the most flattering of things.

Which leads me nicely on to some thank-yous. We couldn’t do this without the support of the developers and publishers who give us their time, energy and access to games so that we can play and talk about them. Most importantly, we couldn’t do this without you. Every time you like, comment or share one of our posts or videos it’s an endorsement. It tells us that we’ve produced something that you want to engage with and there’s nothing that pleases us more than talking about this wonderful medium with fellow fans.

Rezzed, expo, video games, Tobacco Dock, ship, 1001Up, Kim, Ben, Phil

So thank you – thank you so much.

Wait… it’s not quite over yet. There’s one more thank you needed. Who? Kim. Thank you Kim for all of your tireless efforts in keeping us in line, keeping the site running and for keeping up your enthusiasm no matter the challenge thrown at you. We might not say it much but by God we appreciate it.

Have a great 2016,


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