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New Year’s resolutions

Ben has made his New Year’s resolution – but will he be able to stick to it? Let’s see if the marketing teams are able to tempt him otherwise…

Ben says…

It’s traditional at this time of year to commit yourself to something new, to resolve oneself to a little (or large) life improvement. Last year my resolution was to lose a bit of weight but this year it’s all about gaming.

This year I resolve to finish more games. Not just complete the main storyline of missions but to actually work through all the additional avenues, to get through the sidequests and appreciate all the nooks and crannies the developers have left in.

Surely you do that already, I hear you ask. Well, kind of. There’s no doubt I’m an exploratory gamer in that I like to wander off the beaten path but with so many releases coming in such a short space of time these days I find I’m blasting through titles and not taking as much time as I should to savour the artistry behind them. Whether it’s an indie masterpiece or big budget spectacle, there will have been hundreds – if not thousands – of working hours poured into creating these games and I resolve to do the creators justice.

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This will manifest itself in different ways; the primary benefit being that I will get to know the releases I spend time with inside out. The drawback is that I won’t be able to play anywhere near as many titles as in previous years. Rough with the smooth and all that.

Again, this then leads to further questions – will I be missing out on some cracking gaming experiences as a result? Quite possibly but I may have plenty of amazing experiences I wouldn’t have had otherwise by sticking with other titles to the end. And, of course, there is the temptation. The marketing teams will do their best to seduce me into snapping up every release that I can, the social media buzz will be incessant and they are only two drivers of the various hype-machines that will be rolling throughout the year.

It will take plenty of willpower for me to stay strong, and a little help from my friends. Do you have any resolutions for the new year?

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2 thoughts on “New Year’s resolutions”

  1. My resolutions may include game stuff as well –
    A good chunk anyway. Like completing more games, blogging more about them.
    Then there is the whole “I want to become a Voice Actor for games” that always looms. XD
    But realistically becoming a more steady blogger is high on my list. At least once a week.

    But I like yours! I may have to borrow this as well! But my husband claims I spend enough time on one game as is. He likes to watch sometimes, but comments that I go off and do a lot of side exploring and such. ;P


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