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I’m too old for this…

Is old age slowly creeping up on Ben? In this article he explains how longer reaction times are encouraging him to expand his gaming horizons.

Ben says…

There comes a time in professional sport when an athlete’s body starts to degrade. Sprinters aren’t quite as quick as they once were, footballers can’t always last the full 90 minutes and tennis players can’t hit the ball quite so hard. The same can be said of gaming.

Throughout my thirties I’ve noticed my reactions have become steadily worse. Not so much that it’s a hindrance to my single-player experience but in the world of multiplayer that split second can be the difference between virtual life and virtual death. Whereas once I stood proudly atop leaderboards at the end of a round I’m now mid-table at best with the occasional flirtation in the upper echelons. There was a time when I’d put it down to being tired from a day at work, or not having the time to learn maps in the same way a teenager or twenty-something would but the truth is I’m simply not as quick as I used to be.

What I won’t do is use it as a complaint or excuse. Like the true sporting greats I will just have to adapt both my play style and expectations. It will also encourage me to branch out and try games in genres I haven’t jumped into before, or galvanise me to spend more time with them rather than blitzing straight through.

Either way, I’ll be sure to keep you updated with how I get on.

What do you think: are your reactions slowing with age or are you still the uber-leet gaming monster you’ve always been?

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7 thoughts on “I’m too old for this…”

  1. I’m 26 and when Kim and Phil first met me, I was 23. Therefore I’m still quite firmly in my 20s. I compare my current gaming state to my old one… And my reaction times have heightened. However, it’s worth noting, I’m just in my 20s. When I was a teen, I played more RPGs and MMORPGs than I did action games. Over the course of the past couple of years, I found myself playing old school classics more and I’ve noticed my gaming reaction seemingly increase.

    It’ll be interesting looking back when I’m in my thirties and seeing if my reaction time indeed decreases again. Perhaps it will… And that’ll be sad!

    Try more RPGs. Try more adventure games… But for the love of all that is geek: Don’t stop playing what you enjoy due to reflexes. Wait til I’m 60. I hope that I’ll have only just shown the world what I can do as a gamer… You ol’ whipper snappers!

    Nice article 🙂


    1. Don’t worry, I’ll still play them. It’s a case of learning to accept I’m not as quick as I used to be! Love RPGs and adventures, it’s finding the time to play that’s the trick.

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      1. That’s the best way to be; See the reflexes as a new challenge! You’ll find a different game style. For instance, I played Team Fortress 2 quite a bit for a period of time and I was told the way I played Heavy Weapons Guy was unorthodox – But it sometimes worked wonders for our team 🙂


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